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Do you think, that construction and exploitation of the low and medium radioactive waste storage near Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant will be safe enough?
Storage will be built and exploited according all necessary requirements
Storage will be dangerous for environment and unsafe
This issue is important for me, but I don't have enough information
I don't care about construction of the radioactive waste storage in Lithuania
I don't have any opinion

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2005-07-06  Results of EP votes on Structural funds: new opportunities, few guarantees
The European Parliament voted on a set of new regulations on the EU's multi-billion euro
structural and cohesion funds for the 2007-2013 period [1] which European environmental NGOs (Friends of the Earth Europe, BirdLife International, and CEE Bankwatch Network) welcomed as a vote in favour of the greening of the funds.
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2005-06-30  Global Coalition on Environmental and Human Rights to CSFB: "Oil is Over, Fund the Future"
Eight international civil society groups placed a full page ad in the Financial Times today urging Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) to uphold its sustainability commitments and sever its relationship as financial advisor to the controversial Sakhalin II projectSakhalin II, a $12 billion Shell-led operation on Russia's Pacific Coast is the single largest oil and gas project ever undertaken.
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2004-07-12  Brief information about the project
Brief information about the project “Development of the bicycle tourism in the regions near border of Lithuania and Poland“.
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2004-07-12  Carbon-Dinosaur
Carbon Dinosaur Tour arrives to Lithuania: a 10m high "Dino" is traveling around Europe! Campaign is organized by Friends of the Earth Europe and hosted by local environmental groups. More: www.foeeurope.org/dinosaur.
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2004-06-13  GM Foods: test vote for "New Europe"
Unpublished study casts doubt on food safety. The vote will be seen as a test case for the newly expanded EU following the European Commission's decision last month to force through the first GM food in over 5 years.
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