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Do you think, that construction and exploitation of the low and medium radioactive waste storage near Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant will be safe enough?
Storage will be built and exploited according all necessary requirements
Storage will be dangerous for environment and unsafe
This issue is important for me, but I don't have enough information
I don't care about construction of the radioactive waste storage in Lithuania
I don't have any opinion

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2004-06-12  NGO platform on European Investment Bank
Public Funds for Public Benefit: Making the European Investment Bank Support People and the Environment.
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2004-06-11  Delivering sustainable development
Environmental NGOs’ common position on European Regional Policy after 2006.
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2004-06-01  Public Funds for Public Benefit! Changes within EIB required
Brussels, June 1st - On the eve of the first European Investment Bank (EIB) annual meeting following EU enlargement, an international coalition of civil society groups has published a strong wake-up call to the EIB, the least transparent, least accountable and least democratically controlled of European Union and international finance institutions.
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