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Do you think, that construction and exploitation of the low and medium radioactive waste storage near Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant will be safe enough?
Storage will be built and exploited according all necessary requirements
Storage will be dangerous for environment and unsafe
This issue is important for me, but I don't have enough information
I don't care about construction of the radioactive waste storage in Lithuania
I don't have any opinion

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About us


Community “Atgaja” was established by group of young idealists in Kaunas, July 1987. Since then Atgaja was among most active environmental groups in Lithuania. Atgaja made remarkable influence into establishment and development of environmental movement in Lithuania. Atgaja was among founders of Lithuanian Green Movement in October 1988. Currently it is independent non-governmental organization, working for environment protection and sustainable development.

- Solution of environmental problems, seeking to reduce negative impact of human activities to environment.

Fields of activities:
- energy, transport and environment.
- Promotion and development of the bicycle transport and tourism.
- International Financial Institutions and their impacts for environment and society.
- European Union Structural funds and environment.
- Public awareness and environmental education
- Protection of cultural and historical heritage.
- Organizing of seminars, conferences, exhibitions, camps, and other events related to environment protection.

International membership:
- CEE Bankwatch Network
- International Network for Sustainable Energy
- Baltic-Nordic NGO Sustainable Energy Network

Community “Atgaja”
Office address: Maironio str. 14-6, Kaunas, Lithuania
Mailing address: ACP P.O.Box 156, Kaunas 44002 Lithuania.
Tel. +370 37 425566, 407155
Fax: +370 37 425207
Email: info@atgaja.lt

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