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Do you think, that construction and exploitation of the low and medium radioactive waste storage near Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant will be safe enough?
Storage will be built and exploited according all necessary requirements
Storage will be dangerous for environment and unsafe
This issue is important for me, but I don't have enough information
I don't care about construction of the radioactive waste storage in Lithuania
I don't have any opinion

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Cycling in Lithuania


“Development of the bicycle tourism in the regions near border of Lithuania and Poland“. Short description

Main goal of the project – promotion of sustainable transport and tourism through establishment of regional bicycle routes and related infrastructure in cross-boarder and near boarder areas of Lithuania and Poland. Project activities are covering five municipalities in Suvalkija region of Lithuania: Marijampole, Kalvarijos, Kazlu Ruda, Sakiai and Vilkaviskis (Lithuania). Community „Atgaja“ is project leader. Marijampole Office of Euroregion Nemunas is the main project partner in Lithuania. Main project partner on the Polish side are Polish Tourist Country - Lovers' Society Suwalki section (PTTK Suwalki), Vizainiai and Punsk municipalities in Poland. PTTK Suwalki is coordinating similar project in Poland.
Project activities are supported by United National Development Programme Global Environmental Facility Small Grant Programme (UNDP GEF SGP) offices in Lithuanian and Poland.

Local communities and local small business are foreseen as main project beneficiaries. Environmentally sound activities as part of sustainable regional development are core of the project. Each international partner is responsible for their part of work. This projects covers only Suvalkija region of Lithuania, which is considerably less developed in terms of regional bicycle and sustainable tourism infrastructure. Positive environmental and social results of bicycle tourism and agro-environmental tourism development in the neighboring Polish region are good example and additional motivation to promote similar development in Lithuania.

Main infrastructure elements, such as tourism information system, mapping and marking of the regional bicycle route, informational signs, short period and overnight camping places will be installed during the project period. Specialized cyclist‘s guide as information source both for foreign and national tourists will be prepared and published. Intensive project presentation, combined with trainings and seminars for local communities, local governments and small business will be carried for promotion, advocating and lobbying of sustainable tourism development in the region.

Costs efficient and focused marketing of the project‘s products through internet, publications, national tourism exhibition and international bicycle tour is integral part of project activities.
Training of regional NGOs and communities and promotion of UNDP GEF SGP principles and priorities, improvement of the project planning and management is important part of activities.

Combination of key tourism infrastructure, preparation of bicycle route, involvement and participation of the target groups and spreading of information about the region and project results should lead to the established core of the sustainable tourism system. Later on both project partners and local governments will work further on extension of project activities.

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